Preschool in the Village

Preschool in the Village is an independent, non-profit early learning center that has been teaching young children and supporting families since 1996.

Students are introduced to school routines, pro-social behavior and kindergarten readiness skills, while having fun with songs, stories, science, art activities, and new friends!

We believe time spent outdoors each day is important!

Our three rules: Be kind to others. Solve problems by talking. Put away the things that you use.

Half-day programs:

  • Bumblebees (3’s) MWF or T/TH; 8:50-11:50 am
  • Caterpillars (4’s) = M-Th; 8:35-11:35am
  • Dragonflies (4’s) = M-F; 8:10-11:10am
  • Owls (pre-k for 5’s) = M-F; 8:25-noon

Call or email for September enrollment information!

Tina Summers, Director
Preschool in the Village
11 Church Street
Amherst, NH 03031