League of Conservation Voters


LCV Builds Political Power for People and the Planet

We influence policy, hold politicians accountable, and win elections. This is how we fight to build a world with clean air, clean water, public lands, and a safe climate that are protected by a just and equitable democracy.

Over the last 50 years, LCV has grown into a potent political force for protecting our planet and everyone who inhabits it. We have built a powerful national movement with more than 2 million members, 30 state affiliates, and grassroots and community organizing programs across the country.

LCV’s Strategy

LCV drives environmental progress through action. We understand that threats to our environment and democracy are interlinked, and that our nation’s biggest environmental challenges require political solutions. Winning these solutions means helping people use their power in all three political realms: influencing policy, holding leaders accountable, and winning elections.

LCV’s unique ability to do all three puts us at the center of the fight for our Earth. Our efforts to protect the environment and engage in the political process are rooted in an understanding of racial, social, and environmental justice.

LCV Influences Policy

We drive action on environmental policy in Washington, DC, and, through the broader Conservation Voter Movement, in state capitals across the country. We support solutions that create a future where clean air, clean water, and access to public lands are not a privilege but a right afforded to every community.

We engage with environmental champions at all levels of government who value our support and expertise. Lawmakers trust and value us, and together we work to enact and defend policies that protect our environment, clean up our communities, and secure a sustainable future.

We engage millions of people to participate in the policy-making process and directly communicate with leaders and decision makers on the issues that matter to them. Our efforts focus on communities most impacted by and concerned about climate change and environmental harm, including young people, people of color, and low-income communities.

Congress has a once in a generation opportunity to take action and invest in climate, clean energy jobs, and justice. We need LCV members, like you, to show your support on these issues.

Join us by displaying a FREE yard sign to show your support for bold climate action, investments in clean energy jobs, and justice. If you are in our delivery range, an organizer will drop off the sign within the next two weeks.

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