Amherst Villagers

The Amherst Villagers chapter of Questers International was founded in March of 1975. Jane Bardens, founder of Questers, noted, “Antiques are part of human history, a tangible record of things of everyday living. Through those antiques we may bring the past to life and profit by the experiences of previous generations.”

Amherst has changed greatly since it was chartered in 1760. The lives of the people who originally settled here, their way of life, and the furnishings in their homes became of interest to many who followed. The Villagers was founded to study and preserve that way of life. The members have an interest, a curiosity, about the past, for, as Bardens says, “Without memory we have no past and without imagination, no future.”

The stated purpose of the group is to “educate by research and study of antiques and to donate funds toward the preservation and restoration of artifacts, existing memorials, historical buildings, landmarks and educational purposes.”

Over the years, the Villagers have supported many projects around the town: the Historical Society museums, the common, Clark School, and even preserving old corn cribs. Invited speakers have addressed many topics of interest and field trips have taken members to many historic places.

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